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Momentum Sales Course

Sales Team Training

How to Double your Sales and Take Your Business to the Next Level

At Momentum, we believe that sales solve most problems. We believe that determined, hardworking business owners deserve to be profitable and have balanced lives – by closing more sales. You may have the perfect product or service, but don’t always have the sales skills to grow your business and make profitability a reality. Our highly individualized approach is designed to help you fill that gap for you and your sales team.

As seasoned training specialists, we teach you how to fill your sales funnel with qualified prospects, show you how make calls, set appointments, and successfully pitch to close more sales. The key is to authentically build relationships, communicate effectively, ask good questions and provide real value for your customers. We equip you with a clear path and practical skills.

This program will teach a systematic, bottom-line approach, with the sales tools and the experience to show you how to get results. You will learn processes to qualify and nurture leads, how to track your potential clients, and to qualify the success of these activities. As an added bonus, if we have contacts in your industry, we will introduce you.

Course Components

1. Understanding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

2. Creating your Customer Avatar

3. Competitor Research

4. Identifying Lead Rich Markets

5. The Sales Pitch

6. Mapping Your Sales Funnel for each Avatar and Market

7. Understanding Marketing Tactics in Relation to your Sales Funnel

8. Sales Planning and Accountability Tactics (CRM’s, etc.)

9. Identifying and Nurturing Leads 

10. Closing

11. Customer Care: Understanding Churn and Lifetime Customer Value

12. Execution: Setting, Tracking and Achieving KPI’s 

Assessment Method

Over the six months of the course the entrepreneur or company team will work with the instructors to create a sales and marketing strategy, including clear and measurable KPI’s. Assessment of comprehension will be done continuously through discussion with candidates and a critical review of the written plan. Milestones to completion and successful achievement of KPI’s will be used to track progress. 

Course Format

Duration: Four months (16 weeks, one session per week) 

Format: Weekly customized sessions with entrepreneur and sales team (16 total sessions). Assignments each week will apply learned skills to actual sales campaign. 


Training Hours: 48 Hours (3 hours per week)

Course Capacity: Max 6 (must all be part of same company)

Delivery Method: In person (classroom or at business owner’s office) as well as via video conference.  


16 Week Sales Course: $3000 / person

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About Us

Jonathan Mosley


Jonathan has been leading business development and managing sales team since 2009. As Managing Director at GEM Vancouver, he was responsible for driving business development, overseeing key accounts, and providing strategic leadership. He has been a trusted speaker on marketing topics to Vancouver Island University’s MBA programme and World Trade Centre Vancouver.

A veteran of the ski industry, Jonathan spent over a decade in various operations, training, sales and marketing roles, the final seven years in senior leadership positions. He has lead initiatives ranging from e-commerce and point-of-sale technology implementation, to strategic planning, to international recruitment campaigns.

Jonathan is also the former President of the Ambassadors’ at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance BC Region. He has a Master’s degree from the University of Warwick, UK.

Barb Steele


Barb loves to train and work with amazing people with amazing businesses! Her experience as a successful entrepreneur, sales manager and director allows her to uniquely and authentically train and mentor small and medium businesses through sales and practical bottom-line strategies. 

Growing her businesses through training, hard work and most importantly sales -  Barb founded and successfully built a tax planning company (Plantax), and a skincare & supplements corporation (Healthworx), as well as a publishing company in Tokyo, Japan with 10 magazines, 35 employees, growing to $10M in sales in eight years.

Barb is honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Vancouver Community College, as well as being nominated for the 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards.